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Beltllng llrst 1 MIn undo Chrl.i firli t heard Iro mnrrird died Feb- lo Wood lallv, The Umo of tho funeral will not bo let until word comes from relatives. Wn Uon, Twin Falli, agent for Ihs Beneficial Life Insur- ance company. Grant, president of the company, 1* given agents who have written a million dollon. action of ration bustnesa ny mall not ily enables the office to handle are ft-ork. The purple heart medi was posthumnurily awarded him lor Seen Today stale patrolman aheeplshly plying' tor his own auto license at asififor'i office, nnd taking v b'a Ung Irom girl deputies kidding him lor belatedneis. Woman with victory model baby buggy (wooden wheels I having strugsle pushing Nimt, u t-t,n wheela lull to tur Albert Mylrole, new county a genlilly shaking hand.i all around an Bx-Agent Bert Bo Ungbruke to\i him sbonl. IMPORTANT^^^TIffl E CHANGE /^FORMATION PLEASf NOW HEARD ONE HOUR EARLIER . Aett T* A (hi eta Young Glbb look an active part In athletics In Junior high, high ocliool and at the university. Lrglon command- er, was In charge of the guard of honor which prei«ntod a salute arid Heyburn Man, 79, Called by. Tlic Incumbent nil] bt an Importanl li the reu3on llinl he will preilde over Uic n by thnt body that all Irentlei i b H ri I. This line of talk wat tlioroughly exploded by Uie President some lime ago but tlie effect ot the in-lntormed comment lurka on, mlileadlng well. We have no Intonnallon, al tltit hand, to aay whether the army hu too many, or loo lev. We must accept Ihe word of our leadera, Tlicy aay Ihoy must have morn men and. Mn itir ' '''tit.''iri Polatoes-Onions Potato Futures M )o U hrld'mhov.

Grangers will officiate at grave- Jlrte ,1e^^■l(■^s, and Rebekahs will h»ve charge, of the flowers. Too Many Callers At Ration Office Tli B number of personal caller* at the Twin Falls county ration office U Iwcom Ui R too great lof tlie number of employes, said Carl N. "Handling ration buslnew by mall whenever poulble." said Anderson, "Enables us to gel a great deal more work done than when we have to handle large crowds at the coun- ter." Andenon pointed cut tliat tiavi. He wfl B gradu Ated from marln pnratroop training at Camp □lllii pie. In May i 1B«, In September he left for ovci seas duf.v. By night auf- flclenl forces were across to resumt the advance Into the depth of Ru- WE'LL PAY CASH I For Men'a or Ladles' ■ SUITS Itlchardaoa'a DENVEB Tll ADl NG TOST Back or I- D. Ill view of war and postwar problrmj be n year In which cither the Democrai J pubhciiiis con select a iircon U. On him may fall the Job ot v the war and Ihe peace. talk In the country ftbout ttioussnda of men, employed by the government, having undeserved and unnecessary deferment.

died al 11 i Hi Uiday al til* home on Fourth avenue here, after long l Uncis a itomach ailment. were conducted Bundsy afternoon at the While mort UBty chapel here. Pialsinj j OMng Olbb tot his quali- ties Bji an Individual and a "good soldier," Bergeanl Well* told ot lilt meeting wl Ui htm on Vclbi Lavell* Island. He a Heniltrt public schools heir, graduating from high school In is H after rlarrlng a.i an olhlete. MARION HARGROVE Author ot "SU Nl», Ml Viin HAMIt OVr' PRli SNJt D- li Y H. Hf INZ 'o T, COAl Prt Wr mi Utoiy merit and for wounds cehed In oc Uon resuttlng tci hit death. By the t I Jill renchrd sufficient maturity i come a member of thr vnrsllj ketb;il1 and football teams. Two vocal solo* were given by Mrs, U, N, Terry and Mrs. but they his sencral phil- osophy; Ihcy don't inut hli loclal. ANALYZING CURRENT NEWS FROM NEW YORK FLAWS— ror the flrtt Ume alnce (he opening of the war. to whora she was married In Twin Falls May 7, IBJJ. New Brl U atn MV-Two marine lint Uouteo- an U vho played lootbatl In IW were wounded a day- apart durlnt the same drive here. Bnull dbconred ni Kts 3, 1500, by th B Portucune admiral Fed- — Alrares Cabra L Livestock Markets UVEBTOCK^^ l EAISTEADYAS isn Cill OAao.

Jnhn nm'o o V'tho Ce"- tlnlr btoilwi htit He ttai a member at the 1. Bolt Lnke City, his been awarded a certificate atteil- Ing his memberslilp In the '*M1111on- alre Club" ot tliat compan.v. but eltects an Important vlng of lire* and 8*Mllne, e about 3,900 species ol Combat Veteran Praises Young Paratrooper in Memorial Rite Memorial rites for PIc Glenn M, aibb, IB, marine corps paratrooper killed In action Jan- I In the aoulh Pad lie. llb TIN TO TOUR f AVOBITE PROGRAM , fli ITS NEW TIME TONIGHT j r ONIGHT'S OUKT e XPKT SGT. Durlog Junior high he won the tennis champion, ship two consecutive yeara and Ir Ills Junior year In high achool wor second In tho state alnglea chain- plon*hlp B. and during ' more year played on Iwth the 'cuh football and basketball teams. Cronenberger, pastor ot the First Christian church. Freeman pronounced the benedic- tion, and Hactv Benolt presided m thr American Legion rcpresentntlve. The r ireslden will n implement White llnaie Idcns nnd lolli innl necc Mlly aeema to ellmlnale Henry A. Both Democnitlc nnd Republican membera of the up- per chamber disapprove ot him Intensely, llicy may like him pcrsono Uj'. he ti not considered one ot Ihe gnng by the Dcmocraia. unle.-ii we want lo risk de- fcol, they muat have them.— Minidoka county News. Notn Dame, and Ph O Bay* er, ex-Cohunhla ba Ubaclc.

A Resionol Newspaper Serving Nine lrrl Kuled Idaho Counties FINAL CITY EDITION VOL.

1944 Mm1«r d( Audit Duruu of CIm Aw UUd f-nw and Unlltd V PRICE 5 CENTS SOVIETS SWEEP INTO Budapest Target In Heavy Allied Bomber Assault LONDON, Aiir U S i.-l'v— A pval forniiitioii of Americiiu heavy bombt-ra nttwckwi liiuhii"'-'*!

iteep lilll overlooking the Prill." Pulcvtil w Totc, "It Isn't i uiual Iront line. Willie we wait for a ferry and sap- per* are aorklng on tho crossing the Inhsbl Unla ol Uie village tell us wh*l happened when advanced unit! ' llurrledly-formcd companli butlallont led the troops to the heighls proteetln? The Oerman aiul Ru- manlin troope were routed and roll- ed back io the crossing. Tlie 20-ocrs, spinach, squash nnd to- ' -red copper oxide, roll, cahbosc. Act Intended for Aged Needy Only noi SE, April i [, PH-The .icnlor citlwins' grants act provided a pen- sion tnr needy persons only. Ambrose, , It., Custer, that Ui iinw defunct net would r for e cry or the an e reciulrement. Pal day, nnd had four niore to Cpl, Gerald Bosh Is now in Nome, Egl. TTiey arc Rttendlns different radio tedtnlclan schools. 'Vsac Atinauo have returned to Hninmelt Irotn Salt Lake Clly, where ho hod received ft medical checkup by railroad jihyslelaiu. Robert Itomlne nnd daughter returned to liieir home In Halfway, Ore,, after visiting her sister, Mri. Perhaps the subsequent shock of the March 15 payoff may have changed their minds. Oallup's qulzzeni are aa accurate as usual, the majority considers the sales tax a preferable way of combatting inflationary spending, and of putting the war more nearly op a pay-as-you-so. , not approve of Llirl He mlslit corn-civil Up tlic Scnilrtlti HVl H He ml Khl Inform not tlghlllii; lo pre or Dutch or Fri-ncl of the hr Hls Ji lie. V Tlio army la seriously In need ot more men under an years of aae, declares Uie Presldenl who adds that while men ot this age group arc lnd L^pelllnble at the bntllctront not many of them are Indlipensabl* In Induatrj*.

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Clarence Ooodhue, Ed Qrleshaber and Harvey Grieshaber-^ Buhl; Henry Grieshaber, Oroflntir Ida,; Noah Grieshaber, Welppe, Ida^ One son. t Staff Eniravini) ELBERT PROPOSES AID TO LOW-PI WASHINOTON. (ie.scrilied pro Brr.y ot the leal coriw in combatting dli- •voh T In ■ Youths came from ns lar north J the Idaho Fa" i'est as Burley. - GET SLIMMER WITHOUT EXERCISE Lose weight the 2.25 /m* • moath'a tappfy Dont vear yotmell out with tlreaoma exercises I Dont ffn up all the tooilli you like. It Is necessary that large numbers of taxpayers express a desire for such a commission If It Is to become n reality. A complete overhaul- ing Is necessary, "Taxpayers should consider It their per- sonal responsibility to write their congress- men and senators urging them to support the Carlson or Forand resolutions. kcs will be conducted by an Epl.'-copnl minister who had not been tielccled loi Uy. Bonit troops swam over, pushing their rifles, tommy guns and ammim]. first hours small but growing bridgeheads were eitabl Lsli- ed across the Prut. Pressure groups of one sort and another have helped them In. RENOMINATIONS — llic %■ Ice -p res 111 nce.i will be nlmait as Imporinnt flfiiircs bcr Bs ihc men wlio head the Iwa tlckrta. Only the high command can under- itand the situation and, the requlrtmenta ot our mili- tary exertlona and when they are willing lo lake a reduction In tlie produc Uon ot war goods In order to get fighting men the nation can have only one Unfortunately, Uiere fits been a lot ot loose. ;'i"™l Butter and Eggs Citl CAGD r KODUCK Cl IICARO. E, and the Funeral services w'lll be held st Uie Odd Fellows lodge, under ihc direction of the Odd Fellows and Ih E Fiiglpf- Tlie ! It Is the nlal' frontier, the boundary ol Sovlel land. There wai such panic In the rariks that neither tommy guns nor revoh-era could halt It, "Panlc-itrleken troops overloaded lerriei which rolled ov«r and snnk- They ibindoned thelc itv Xt and "Soviet sappers captured boa Li and tifta and forced the river. "The act distinctly anys in tlon one that said net shall ply with the federal r»clal sec act which says the pension is lor needy persons only," Rlls.' " GLENNS FERRY Pfc. John Thomas hna been trans- ferred from Camp Dcitrldi, Md.. C, ' Marvin Dalton, fireman third class, has been tent - to Albany, Calif,, after a leave nt home. Apprentice Seaman Robert Fan- clier bas been transferred from &an Angelo, Tex,, to State College, Mlu. Miss Qene Belnap, who is a nuroe In Salt Lake City, la visi Uns her motlicr, Mrs. Wl Uiam Thompso Q, And lan Uly In Pasadena Valley, Oeorge Davis left Bmnmett cenlly for Ftirt. Plenty of people In Washington have found plenty of reasons against a soles tax. Cnsnhlnn^ rctounl EC hl.i dlleninia, boi li li s ciiiesi he docs. may demand tlie lowan'j rciiopilmitlon lest his rejection be re Rarded as a slap at the liberals. There acems to be a failure to recosnlie tlie Impera- llvo demand of the army for additional men. Nelson, ot tho WPB, recently told Uie sleel ad- \*Uory commission thai t Jio high command, bcbis des- pcralely In need ot more men. We have no Idea'that the people ot this country, In- olndlns the men under-28, would Invite miiuory dis- aster by the undue deferment of men required on the [Ightln E fronts. Kn high jforer for thai tournament also hold* a record for scoring most po Uil B in a slnglo liask Btbfll Miialral Number* r Mi LMc for Uie services nlihed by a mlied chorus, under the dlrrflliu) ol Zarn Tonks. Even her proceeds from all this effort hare been turned over to the Red ; Croi3;and iofantlle paralysis iua Os. Uitbl Such loyaltyl Such patrlotlsmr / Jt|li people Mrs: Qoodyearwho an tbe fi Uot the with. 9 Ht K:la Mining t; Stock Averages Cruelty Charges Bring 2 Divorces Two divorce decrees have been granted by Judge J. upright person- but one who chose the tou Bhfft spot be could find— first the marines, the pnmlroopa second. laal year In high ncliool won tho Class A t noment held In Twin Fails. Here'A a woman nearly 81 yeart old who has renderecl l OS pounds of waste fat as her p&rt in tbe war effort. old- for the present war," she ^jl H0i Ii Lliu'..in«festl7.' "I wanted to feel I was :^iot,omethlng directly for th6 war effort" ^^- Sudi. Mra, Unona Fmella won- free- dom from De« Ptaao Ue, whom she raarrted Apr U 13, 1930. Activity In all p«a ^-as TCstilcte A becauco ol tlic uiicertoin wnr and political Itustlon In Europe, with traders ;atchtng the proffrcsa of Flonlsll- Ri Wtsn peace proposa Li.

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